August 26, 2020 |

Bulls and bears both in no mans land where a move in either direction is requited by a counter move. the net result is a change very close to unchanged— so far… how can the top feeders change this to make the public go the wrong way

beginning to hear just one more salvo from the Marxists. " the stock market did much better during the administration ofo the obama and clinton than the bush and Trump. On another front, i see a confimred death rate of 0.04% for those in the Us under 65

now that I think of it Tobey Crabel who i rescued from the homeless used to beat me also with the same weak serve and volley game. His tennis at that time I thik everyone can agree was much superior to his trading

it was very good for my game. I never lost on my court except once I played Gene scott and he trounced me by poayign a old fasioned serve and volley game wiithout much of a serve

i owned a vichla for many years. he had a disruptive habit of rumming after tennis bls amdcarrying them inhis mouth the only way I could get the balls away from him was by reppeating "thank you very much" pften. My daughter katie joined me i these episodes


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