August 25, 2020 |

thats what the market loves to give you a clear shot but fools yoou into not taking it via deception

ontogeny recapitulates philogeny the market mistesss is very economcal with the price move eveything from 3080to 3140 last 5 days ( witha little exursion for fun 3060- fora few seconds. makes one feel like an idiot that one wasnt able to catch such small range

one of anti Trump memes is that he says that the more testing we do the most cases of viorus youlll find.would think that everyone would agree with that. but that is one of pressies main bones to pick with Prez. we live in polemical and Jacobin times as wsj pts out

dr fauci trying to express his concern and disagreements with eveything Trup.all bears need is for Jay chance gardner to come in with another forecast of decimation of economy. Fauci to Evers to Chance for a double play to attempt to sink economy and Trump

it is itneresitng that dimension finally has something right. they reprot a study that high price to book valuecomppaneis returned 16% per year versus 12% for value stocks over the 19 year s ending 2019. sice then its been more of same

ja doube again after 8 am its completelly random so the market may have to wander without any shorts from ephemeral reasons

the move overnite has been 0.4 exactly the same as ny move from 2011 and since 2019 the moves again is identical 0.6. in both cases

imagine what the Pressies would be saying if the market were swooning. Instead of the sattle trader niping at the heels of thePres, it would be the Pres nippinng at her heels

but in retrospect now that I know the reasons it is good to see that r. Kudlow is on the ball to prevent any market squalls and that his boss is also on alert. its good to have them on guard aginst alll the propaganda . at least they know their last hope is to keep it up.

one of virtues of not folowing the news at all but followingthe price is that the whole apisode of 50 pts downand 70 pts up whichfollowed loose cannon Navarros remarks and Kudlow and Incumbents denial is that one is ignorant or why things happen

another fake reasonto decry the markets rise is that brewski is coming in london and ny and su0pposedoy thhis as important as the icrease in covid cases as testing increases.. however, it is unusuall to see market up today and i may succomb to go against the drift 


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