August 25, 2020 |

a symptom of how much hope there is of the economoo cratering and the viruses increasing and the incumbent s prospects thereby declining was the markets 50 pts drop to 3060 at 930 et. in 10 minutes. " thee is absolutely no reason to own equities now" except for the drift and propganda against t he incombent and the recent close how much more likely is the pres to beat the cattle trader than for the ivisible man to beat the incumbent

why is news like this suppressed. those who wish more collectivism regulated their n numbers and exposure to make the environment for individualis untenable for reproduction and growth.i.e the predators crowd out the prey

guaranteed not to be reported. the number of daiky deaths frin virus in us at 287 is at a minimu and the % of deaths from those infected at 1% is at a minimum. see Phil Kerpen for proper reporting 


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