August 25, 2020 |

de rigeur

how capital is to be deployed better than the owners of companies themselves

reminiscent of last year whenever the cattlle trader surged and the prez faltered the market went thru he roof.. until–midnight on election day. why is it that investors favor the decimation of capitalism. do they reallly feel that Pelosi and Jay gardner can decide

a standard day in the market today. appparentlyl the market loves socialism as the pres keeps falling furtehr and further behind with cattle trader having hin in her sights. the invisible man exerts his influence by doing nothing and letting all events be balmed on Prez

much more important woulld be visit with Cat to woodshed with Jay Chance Gardner who seems to have no idea that the sound bites fed to him cause havoc in the sp so far 2500 dow points directly after the three sound bites. with this far behind, the Prez cant afford these

prez seems to be distancing himself from his problem with biden way ahead of him and cattle trader looking at him from below.. he notes that in enthusiasm hes way ahead of biden. perhaps someo 

ne should tell him that enthusiasm doesnt count in winning elections

the move from 3pm on Wed to 10 pm . Just 7 hours was 3% down.Perhaps a buying oopportunity as bilious billonaires , trump hateres a ll rest on their laurel and hoopefor a repeat of last Thur 175 pt sp and 2000 ptss dow fall, fall, fall

a topsy turvy world with the Prez's own man sinking the market byy 2500 dow points in just 3 prepared the cattle trader's chances rise to the level of TRumpps for Prez, the hatred and blame of Trump can cfreate temporary ephemral squal lke today 


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