August 24, 2020 |

so fr the Chairs triple eader has been good for 250 sp points against the prez. 50 yest, 20 today and 150 pts on the fomc. that 2000 dow points/

the cattle traders odds of becoming Prez willl soon surpass the current Prez

3 times the chair has sunk the pres with prepared statements of an invidious nature. once on the fomc and twice on his consecutive Humphey Hawkins testimony. Apparently Mr. Kudlow should have a stern talk with him at the woodshed lest the cattle traders odds of Prez

"without modern precedent " one that coudl permannetly damage the economy" unless ( a more compassionate person currently in his basement but leading by 12 percentage pts in the odds tkaes the helm )

a fair weather friend is the worst kind to have in the swamp or chairing the Reserve

will somone telll the chair that he sent market down 5% with his seemingly innocuous remarks that the economy is still weak. or will his assistants refrain from spilling the beans that their answers to his likely questions were designed for that purpose


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