August 24, 2020 |

the autonomous group?

Mr. Chairman i d like to thank you for the comprehensve view youve given us on state of the pandemic, mrkt & the economy my question is are the protest groups and occupy in seattle ( in general those not funded by Mr. Palindrome eligible whether on Main street or route 1

perhaps a bear day at lest until 2 am et

aftr listening to Jay Powells testiminy where the amrket moves 10 points on his every answer " hes infavor of loans to non-profits, mainstreet " anything good . i feel i have not hit bullseye with Mr. Cllophen. He's mabel in poor wandering one take me

mr. cellophane tryig to sink the Pres and giving a fed's consensus anti forceast

perhaps a decline from the open so a voice within me keeps repeating fall, fall, fall

not mentioned by the bears is that a big decline in dollar is insanely bull for sp. taking the 7 times when dollar sunk the most over last 10 years,(no overlap) i.e a decline of 10% against the Euro the sp up concurrently every time an average of 600 or 3%

like the beat beat beat of the tom tom the fellow travelers are subtly coming back to decry the economy and in the process add to biden's lead steve roach pppredicts dollar dropp of 1/3 and Leo Cooperman predicts decimation for mom and pop investors. palindrome —

nikkei up 1000 about 5% very bull for sp

the probability in favor of Biden winning election keep getting better now almost 60%. MR. Kudlow must be on guard not to let the tohershoe fall by allowing the swammp against the Pres including Mr. cellophane and the cdc to continue shooting at the Prez 


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