August 20, 2020 |

about the virus spreading ( of course its increasing as they test more) stocks are in a good situation . but i'llll wait now for a more propitious time

Germany invented its pas. now the us can if only Trumpwas not a white supremacist…. this is a typical bloomberg article about how bearish and bad things are.. and it stypcal of those who believe in idea that has world. as loog as they re basing things on pseudo news

thus steering mr. cell ophane to bearish humprehyhawkins testimony. at least this ratio is more balanced than the 99% of evaulative articles about the Prez in may 2020 by the 4 major networks besides fox 90% total which were negative compared to the usual

one must assume that 95% of the fed of 2500 fed reserve enployees are supprters of the cattle trader. since the cellophane man is not an expert on eco or markets he mustrey on them for guidance in his testiminy. already the dalls fed kaplan says that the virus is all

dr rasputin says { dont plan on sumer holidays in the us he tells the b ritish( at least oneof my predicitions is validated) i said n or raputic from cdc

never before has there been an open to close down so much with close to close up .its should be a horse race on monday with the billionair bears and the fake increase in viruses ,cellophance man runing aginst the bright retail sales for Tuesday, kudlow ,the signs of recovery

may we anticipate someone from the cdc or another agency feathering its own nest to come out with a warning and a critique against the Trump rally

M. cellophane giving eocnomic update on tue ad wed to what used to be calloed humphrey hawkig as he told Ms. Pelosi "think big" but will he be friendly to the cattle traders as he has in the past 


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