August 20, 2020 |

In its inimical efforts to induce the public to make more of a contribution than they have any right to make to the top feeders the market is infitely creative in coming u p with novel landings. perhaspp the most unusual ever was frida. a large rise but a large fall

A large fall on the two day against as metnioneeed a alrge rise on the one day.. never before going back 20 years like this. included i in the similars is a friday march 13 2020 when the market took the largest declines ever on mon down 281 sp pts thats not a misprint

and yet.. its nto so simple. looking just at the directions over the last 10 years and not takign account of the magnitues there is buo… the decoien came becasue the fed cahir must wish to be considered a fellow traveoer fo the democrats also very salient with biden

way ahead in the beting odds.. there are so many fellow travelers out there that its like whack a mole. whenver the prez is not on guard there is a nancy or a dr rasputin from the cdc or a retired agrarian general or some other of the 3mil fed employees 95% against him to do

him in. the Chair is a fine fellow very easy to get along with that knows nothign about monetaroy policy or the economy. now the Prez has to watch out f for what was considered a safe harbor for foundering

hopefully mr. Kudlow willl have a good ta.k with the Chair and tell him that he shouldnt talk about the stock market or such things as his ignoran e could lead to another rout and the Presidents ire and publc humiliaritie of him


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