August 20, 2020 |

was out today to attend Aubrey's graduation from middle schoool. illl have an analysis of how the 18 2 and 3 dyas up and the negative serial correlaltion of the fomc days ppalayed inot the hands of tthe bears.

very quiety the nikei is up 140 from the ny close 

followign big moves in tne nikkei in related makets is nto an unprofitaboe strategy yestl nikke down about 1400

you have to hand it to the tripple lay that the billion air bears maek. fisrt they pay for the fanning of revolt and destruction which z hurts theri adversaries. second it creates an unruli situation in the us that make everyone avoid buyng. third it creates empathy with

em[athy with the Serive so that their maneuvers to maintain the compounding without paying the piepr do not go awry what else? of course it helpe=s their shorts and gives them mojo with the pressies. and a visit to the Licoln bedrooom when its apposite 


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