August 20, 2020 |

bring in to create vbad lucl is out of the hotel today and doing his bit to destrooooooy value and trump the coolet who casinos bring in to create bad uck for customers is out of Hotel again and doing hsi best to destroy value and hurt Trump and economy his whereabouts before election should be monitored

the lst fomc anouncment was witness by a 73 pt rise in sp one can predict withthe coooler out of the Hotel that thisannnouncemntn willl not be greeted by a rise of anything close to that magnitude if you get the (lack of ) drift

its anyone game today with fomc which based on the serial coorr is bearish. also they owere at a good buoll in the last h our. putting it allll together its anyones game. perhaps the anti billnare and social media bils hve day

they caught me and myr prediction at close today. never before like this 


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