August 19, 2020 |

stocks up more than 50% higher than ever before after an unemplooyment annnoucnement

nobody aske me but/ the dept of labor must have some new bosses that dont believe in camp Kicaid. 2. there are a group of pooliticians who are unhapppy with any good eocnomic news. why is this besides their fear that good economic news will help trum. 3. the stock markets 

stocks response to the employment analysis was twice as god as ever beforfe in its ihistory. 4. bond moved up a pt in last hour of trading Friday and this shows that the stock market rise is now over as does the weak close on Friday.5. as the populace became less indiviidualist

secretary of Labor e. scalia has 7 children and i predict that none of them will go to camp kincaid where they sing the Russian anthem mornings . he worked for A.G> barr and presumably would not have tweaked the numbers down like his preds. if only we have new appntees at cdc

ths should be stock market rise not over as it would have been if bonds adn stocks cratered at close

what kind of sense of life do people like bide and schuemr gravitate into where they deplore any good news

ttle trader and her minions like pelosi, schumre,b iden who deplore any economic and stock market gains.tat is ony hope for Pres whostill lags in bettingn odds by a few percentage poimts

nobody 5. if the cattle trader had been in office the marketing dept of the virus would be decimated

stock market rise not over=originally misprinted now over 


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