August 18, 2020 |

hold alll tickets ordianrily the reguoarities would be bearish but thsis first day of moh=nth. yet the times has a feature article in magazine saying that the stock marekt is crazy for going up and has lost it s value inallowing the public to participate

times says that the stock marke t no loonger gives the public the chance fo participate in the enterprise sysytem and reap the returns that corp make o their capital investments l thus, the drift is gone? as long as there is ignorance of the magic that is the enterprice 

the magoc os decroe dby tjhose who believe in idea that has world in its grip and causes the decimation of economic activity from the marketing department of the virus

the return oninvested capital of the fang stocks is order of 40% and their cost of cpital with interest rates at zero is much lower. the market looks to long term roc l not next year and average of next ten years. this has nothng to do with virus today

the greenies were in total control on friday the last day of month of 30 times the greenies wore big hats sinc e 2019 it wasd nothing special

but even though eveything is donw, sp has never been down this much as of 1 am so one does not refrain from going against times

we note that the cattle trader is active in commenting about market. and this emphasized to me that if female cattle trader has been in the presidency we would never have heard about corona. and her biggest supporter at the cdc would be calling for more basketballl

the marketing dept of the virus does not like thi nor do those who hope to destroy hapiness and normal life before nov


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