August 18, 2020 |

naure works to reduce the abundance of rabbits in the seasons that willl have scarcity of resouces. nature also works too reduce abundance of those not prepared for life( the displaced in the idea that has wrold in grip

as alll constr'uctal numbers have been reached ther are no predictions for todya..its anyones game

the grass is green the lilacs are fragrant, and the spouses loook like marilyn monroa and frank sinatra

guaranted to happen. dems stilll hope for destruction and devestation and bust in economy. what kind of sense of life is this. " what can i take from you? whatcna yougive me? the clarion call of an agrarian

nobody asked me but do certain reporters for a major news and data center get paid a bounty for finding negative articles abot the stock market or economy so as to hurt trumps chances. today at 340 was a nice case in pt deserving a good bonus

welll a certain billionaire's market data firm was able to temporarily knock the market down 20 points at 340 pmet on tues but the costructal number refuses to be hoodwinked by yet another anti trump story from the agrarian firm. if one ever sees an optimistic economy

if an optimistic story on economy or stock market ever appears on that agrarian pressie then please alert me and i[ll eat crow raw ,squawking and fully feathered 


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