August 18, 2020 |

all stock markets within a gnats eyelasth , and heading for constructal numbers 3000 in sp. 21000 in nikkei,1,, 11500 in dax. .

there is unequivocal evidence that the prevalence of sickness in school age children is incrediblly low. see phil Karpen on this for voerwelming wihtin and between country data on this. But what was it guarajteed to happen that schools woud be locked down

the reason is that education is very beneficial for school age children. people that believe in idea that has world in its grip are led by an invisible evil hand to decrease the abundandance and survivability of their children versus others 

a good summary article on what Phil Kerpen and all thespec listers have been enumerating for the past month and the reason that stock markets are about to blast thru constructal numbers

victro hugo's novel the manwho laughs concerns a disfigured man , a monster who is 16h century examplar of the collectivists who closed schools in those days ( i have to think this thru better)

tow interesting posts from the wsj leettters. 1. Deaths don't consider the factors of co-morbidities. A (cont)

first shoe drops on constructals with nikkei 21043

one of the pillars os destroying self interest ( the idea grip etc) is to keep kids away from schools these is ample evidence that chiiodren's death rates a re much lesw than the flu. but the other side of cooin is can theytransmit it to party officials and teachers

there is much mumbo jumbo about this with all sorts of armchair speculations that it is possible for a aprty official or congressman or teacher or cdc worker to cathch it. but the empiricla evidence is

no case reported . this info must be suppressed so that shchools remain closed and kids wth parents that beleive in idea hthat has world in its grip willl nnot be educated and willl be at a great disadvantege in life

seond partiial sock fallls dax up form 111000 at close fridayto 11413 now. perhaps 115000 is seocn dshe worthy

mark cuban believes in idea but is often sensible to live with risk. The NBA is looking to restart in late (cont)

mark cuban believes in idea but is often sensible to live with risk. The NBA is looking to restart in late (cont)

Mr. mandel at phil terpen poitns out that themainstrea media is beginning to cover the excess deaths not realted to covid caused by the lockdowns. he suggests that one cause of excess deaths wiooo be the numerous peoople with cancer that had tow ait 4 or 5months to be treat

but here i dsiagree with him. most chmothrapies only add 1 or two months to life expectancy at the cost of totaldsiruption to life and happpiness. teh dellays will not increase thenumber of cancer deaths imho


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