August 17, 2020 |

nobody aske me but 1. the sp would have set new highs on Friday except for thecHINESE ANNOUNCEMENT ON GNP. 2. aS IT IS THE MARKET HASNT SET NE X DAY HIGHS SINCE Wed may 24 when it closed at 2069 just 13 pts away from Friday's close.3 its only a matter of a gnat

before sp exceeds the high 8 days ago and then barrels to the constructal number of 3000. 4. talking about the wrorld gone mad. Gov. Cuomo has been roundly criticizd foro the incredible nummber of nursing home deaths in Ny. His defense is its the Prezz's fault since the cdc and cma recommended that nursiing home sshould take those with virus. since when does the Prez control the agencies whose actual political contirubtion are 95% not

contributions too cattle traders. 3. Elmer Keltonoo has wisomd about futurues trading that is resonant to alll who have fee t on ground. Hee's talking to a wool buyer " hows wool charlie asked knowing he had never met a wool buyer who didnt say the market was on verge 

the mills havent made a dime this year{ the buyer said. The futures market slipped 3 points yest . grease (cont)


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