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August 17, 2020 |

The adage  " he's    simple  person playing checkers while  ths sophisticated   person is playing chess".  Nothing could be further from thetruth.   Modern life is  replete with electronics.  , transistors, and computers. they work  on  states of  on and off-  high voltage or low voltage, true or false. Theyese components form the basis for computers.  They  dont use a  decimal system but sometimes they are groupe dont  8  bits of on or off.   THey   binary system  can come up with very complaice=ated and sophisticated devices    .    Checkers is  lie a binary game. you can  move forward only one apace diagonally  and   if there is another checker in your way you skip over it adn take it. it leads to cery coplex situations.   The  good checker  player  mus be able to make  80 exact moves  to win may standard games.   he must meomorize  as many games as chess   and be able to visualize the board.   mot good checker plaerys can  paly 6 or 10  games blidolded.    The level of expertise in checkes is such that  it took  8 computers   mny years of tryijg all permutations on  many powerful computers to come up with a solution. a good playercan  playeven wtih  these computers  ………. the best checker player  of all time Marion Tinseley  constantly invented news ways of winning and preventing losses.   The fact that checkers is a binary game  and by extension a hexa decimal tame by strinigin 3 moves together the way they do in   most tournaments  makes checkers  a nxcellent game for  logical thinking    sues in all electronic circuits and   arithmetic compuations.  chess on theother hadn has so many moves that is is an appropriate game that simulates  ancient warfare rather than modern electronics.  ( tobe continue and refined


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