August 17, 2020 |

everythings bak to preceding bulll china exerted a temp decline but hoiday cheer should trump it

i realize that i could have been more helpful in the evening. I got blindsided by the chinese response and fellt there could be a further decline below 2930 and i cant stay awake a few days in row any more. it did decline to 2904 but i got them bak and it rite this morn

all the quants , quasi docs , statistcians on spec list are ask " where is the evidence that locikdowns worked? they site numerous xmples that it didnt work. . mr. vince adds that itsure worked in ruinng the economy. i add to that " what does that have to do with stock

Mr. karpen is a veritable cornucopia of balllast against the idea ths hs world in grip (cont)

i go bak to my post about the food suply and reproduction in rabbits adjusting to the rainfall. the rabbits are abundant before good grass. the cattle traders in the world are not fit in this world and have to suffer the price in abundance wherever they are led by

whevever the cattle traders are led by or believe in idea that has world in its grip, they and especially their children suffer in abundance and productivity

once more into the breech


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