August 17, 2020 |

on the spec list larry and i are sharing divergent views for the first time since we came out together in Tokyo so that we would be more in the mainstream. he is using theadvance delince which is not part of the golden machine that he positied for stocks to make money for

stoocks make money for public by giving them the oportunitey to buy them for profits especially in times of uncertainty and to take account of the drift.. but he is against the golden machine rite now and I am with it

very narrow 10 pt range from 930 open.. how can public make more thanusual contribution

they had a nice 50 pt decliine from 239 pm et to tehcoose very deceitful and masterful

fireworks like end of a chess game where both players are runing out of time. reminds me of the duke north car basket game where duke was behind 10 pts with 90 sec to go. duke won in second overtime afteshanking a foul shot with 1 sec,to go , scoring on jump to ti in reg


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