August 14, 2020 |

CCP overplayed their hand and whatever advantage obtained by virus release is in the process of being (cont)

sp is in the catbird seat with bonds near alow crude up 400% for the 16 th day up in row … how about a little deception before stock move to new high

if ony they can keep dr. rasputin in the closet

may i make a humble suggestion>> when the vaccine is ready. let us prioitize not only health care workers but memebers of the cdc who have devoted so much effort to inform us of the risks and models

if an objective measure of the compassion and sensibility of those prioritize is appropriate , let us examine now only how much they contributed to blue politicians but especaiillly how their spouses and children contributed

of course the moderna results have a millio gaps and randoms in them doubtless someelse will trump their baby . but of course that has noth9ing to do with why the market should be up.. its been a long time between highs

and more improtant its becoming incrweasinglyh obious to peoppel who ivest that the lockdowns , the beseeching for handouts is a instantiation of the idea that has the worod in its grip. the pandemic would have been di rigeur without the agrarins using it to trump trump

illl have another old fashined. bonds finally reacting

the deception was a possum. waited and waited and finally got away fast

a little thanatopsis

market stilll has some bounce in it. a nice 6- day high to establsh a foudation. tomorrow could try a oittle terrible decline at times

thats a 60 day high


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