August 14, 2020 |

there have been many crises that have hiit Americans in last 150 years. Ordinarily the country a nd economy bounces back to new highs/ and thus enables the 10% a year drift in sp. but now its clear that a whole swath of the pop ( call them agrarians or displaced

those who believe in the idea that has the world in its grip, i.e. self interest inad indiviualistm must be eradicated will do anything to prevent the economy from getting bak to normal. straws in the wind everywhere. to me the reluctance to allow baseball bak is key indicia

many numbers show that the % of school age kids that die from virus and % that transmit it to others is close to zero, like the cahnces of getting bit by a shark. why are schools beinn closed> all their funding and training and people are believes in idea in grip

scenes from the life of Elmer Kelton, voted the best western writer by Spur. " dadddddddd didnt like the way (cont) if new york shows it this low with all their incentives to hype the fitgures it must be close to zero

sure enugh dr. fauci is exhibit number 1 as to why sports stadiums cant continue to have games. " if people have to social distance , so be it " 


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