August 14, 2020 |

another day from mother market with just a smalll range of 30 pts frm 2835 to 2863 just 28 pts. how in Hades can the public pay their way for the gigantic infrastructure and expensive equipment when there's just a 30 point range. expect a wild ride today during the day

the greenies are still in control withtne nikkei resting above 20000 and bonds refusing to go d own for fourht day in row with oil up 300% for 15 th day in row. we should thank a certain options broker for dropping 1000 million to make the oild market go up 3000% intwo weeks

The greenies are doing less pull ups now that sp is down almobt 30 but theywill ahve their day

why do states with most interventio policies have the highest death rates what does this have to do with mother nature adjusting the rabbit pop to the amount of feed available? a thought engendered by the time it never rained by elmer kelton the audible version is best

a sad story about orange county the death rate from covid is 3 per 1000000 yet all the resorts are locked down . they have to believein theidea that has the world in its grip to survice and prosper. and that idea buries them the balance of nature

remembrace of things past. nikkeiabove200000 againand bonds are dw nandstcks treatenng to go higher.. the baseball season reminds us of things past when it was invented as an agrarian discipline

nikkkei playing footsie with 20000 level


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