August 14, 2020 |

unusual action in sp tonie a range of just 27 pts . how can public make a nice contribution to infrastructue with such small. also unusal is resilience of sp with nikkei and dax cratering and bonds up a pt

nice unnoticed 200% continuous rise in crude in last two weeks.

correction . amazing resilience of sp versus dax very bear fo sp today but bull overnite and tomorrow

perhaps a bounce in sp from 900 am to 10 am et

nikkei bouncign from down 3% at 19712 to 19745 at 9am

perhaps bouncing is over based on the amzing overperformance of sp to other markets weakness in other markets gathers steam with bonds exerting negativeinfllllllllluence also

tremendous u p moves in dax and niikkei of 200 a;ace make mr. round from below look viable from sp

now we can see wha tthe low range of 25 pts from high to low as of 9am lured one into and provided ample opportunnity fro the public to do the wrong thing. on thing is constant . the strong will take from the weak

the greenies are having a field day

Michael Chekalin

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Great job Vic. Not a single call you made (cont)


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