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August 13, 2020 |

Victor Niederhoffer writes: 

let us not be too obsequious for ralph. admittedly in the past he has b een ver y accurate with his bullish call. but in fact hs had been bearish  during the 3ntire 50%  rise in the market since midmarch. recently the      market has gone up 6 days in arow from 3240 t 33 32 in the world  a  person who is bearish and leveraged has  withstood this  rise   , one doent  know. in amy case its' been obvious for some time that Mr. vince is reaching out for  reasons non preidictive and  chart based to be bearish. we do not help him or us by complimenting him on oen day rite and 49% rise wrong. however, admittedly he has been one of the most accurate and useful people on this list. but we dont help him or us by heaping aencomia on hism  anyone who has followed his o or worse yet has  basked in the adulation we have to Mr. Vince is terribly hurt financially

Ralph V. writes: 

lerm… truth, I was long in late march, I didn't start getting short until early May. in fact, I can go a LONG time like this too. anyone who is "following me" and gets hurt, deserves exactly that; I don't post things here for others to "follow" or tailgate. Rather I try to give the reason why, and open up avenues for discussion, but more importantly,  that this is an endeavor in patience and nerve, not tools for finding an easier, softer, more comfortable way. Most players are looking for a means to use the markets so as to make money painlessly.. Anyone seeking comfort in the markets is looking in the wrong place. I make no apologies for drawdowns and I posit that since you are in the binary world either at equity highs or some degree of drawdown, you better learn to deal with drawdown and the concomitant discomfort  which I try to exhibit real-time. 

This has been a nickel-dime game so far this year in 2020.The entire year will come down to being on the right side of this for no more than several very critical days when it breaks. Patience. Nerve.

If you want, I'll follow Tyler and Jonathan and the others out the door and leave the list to its  books and theories and colleges and kids and political yap and sports nonsense and masks and economic yibbityblibbity and recipes and whatever. I'm focusing on those several critical days just ahead up the road and I'm not being knocked off my game by anyone's opinion of me or what Im trying to do.


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