There is one very famous Black Swan bug and he has around 400K followers on twitter so one assumes there would be a decent number of aspiring Black Swanists too.

The Black Swan Mafia Don tweeted that what keeps growing at 1% each day will grow to 38 times at the end of one year.

So do I understand the Black Swan Mafiosi aren't aware of the s-curve that works out in the spread of all memes and in pandemics too? And if this mafia is aware of this then he is just creating a lot of Black Swan crap to market an opinion that this world will be doomed?

Is he ever going to be bullish on anything properly?! He is bullish on the virus & so poorly!

Or is he just a marketing machine? A snake oil vendor? If anyone has battled for life and fought successfully from a life threatening illness such a soul would be one of the most exalted optimists and be a beacon of hope, courage, conviction and a hero in his thoughts, speech and actions.

Even after going through such an ennobling experience as battling death and coming out a winner why would any soul be keeping betting on doom?

Something is just not adding up. Horribly the algebra of this Black Swan is missing even an iota of consistency. Something is horribly missing in this "story".





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