A retired state epidemiologist/former chief scientist of of European CDC, says Imperial paper "no good" and that all countries will end up pretty much the same; i.e. lockdown measures only spread out the fatalities. Thinks real death rate will be 0.1%. Well worth the time listening to (Interview in English):

"Swedish Expert: Why Lockdowns are the Wrong Policy"





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  1. none on April 21, 2020 7:05 am

    He is of course correct, until he gets sick.

    Number 1 always comes 1st in this world.

    In 1999 scientist wanted to experiment in changing just 1 gene to correct a malfunction in a person’s DNA. They needed a way for the correction to travel and decide to use viruses to travel though the DNA to correct the gene they seek to change.

    The experiment went dreadfully wrong and the person die over night in a horrible way as it was stated.

    The Americans stop this study at this point, China continue, as they may have seen a way to weaponize this process.

    Over the decades, they created a step, which viruses can now move from animals to humans, by creating a sponge like process on a virus to attached to a human cell.

    The rest is history.

    What is taking place is far larger than many can observe at this time, it is in fact the same step in evolution we took at detonating the atom bomb.

    The affects we are experiencing is something far greater towards change in human history then ever before.


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