I really can't believe the recent behaviours of Wall Street. Look, the virus situation intensified since later January. But the Dow kept climbing to all time highs. Though the earlier official infection numbers from China were not high, no one on Wall Street questioned about the validity of the numbers. No one started to sell stocks because of the virus? What, they didn't have to pay attention to China? Come on! China still occupied large shares for global supplies (however low end they may be). Then what happened during the last couple of days? I know, there start to be outspreads to other countries. But no one foresaw it? Huge money to be made on Wall Street! I know my questioning here is postfactum. But were there prophets to profit from all this?

Ralph Vince writes: 

A time that followed the one that the world was listening to just prior to about the Fed's balance sheet never allowing another drop.


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