Thanks for the high end swim goggles to wear at the supermarket! Though I appreciate your concern for our health, I can't imagine wearing them.

This a true panic. Yesterday I overheard several people complaining that masks were all sold out - except the big dorky ones for nanoparticles at Home Depot.

The c-virus may have caused a few deaths in the US in the past week or so. But compare this to the rate of death from auto accidents (~100/day ca 2016)

You are about 1000X more likely to die driving to find masks than to die from CV!

That said there are no good ways to guarantee non-infection, and the best approach is just common sense.

Just got back after spent about 24 hours between airports, planes, lounges…where thousands travel each day. I come in contact with 20-40 people per day at the office - and even tho I wear a mask it is mainly effective in preventing out-going rather than in-coming pathogens. Here's what I suggest:

1. No non-essential travel until things calm down. This will reduce contact AND help you at work - since employers like employees who are there (see #2)

2. There is a risk of recession this year, which is why the markets are tanking. Global commerce has already been impacted and it could get worse. Plus this is a golden opportunity for the leftists to defeat Trump. You better believe the resistance / deep state will pull every lever possible to trigger a pre-election recession. Recession means job risk - so my advice is keep doing your best to hit your numbers and DON'T GO ON VACATION. On top of everything else, in a recession companies will start laying off - and you don't want to be anywhere except in the most desirable group!

3. Upper respiratory infections tend to peter out as it warms up, so this one should be gone in a month or two. Meanwhile they might find effective treatments, which would jolt the market up bigly.

4. About 14,000 Americans died of flu this year, but no one is panicking about that–and most people don't even get the flu shot!





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