1. Triangles on stock charts or in love, both are the most complex states & can resolve any which ways. Don't anticipate in such.

2. Rebounds in love as well as in the markets are so soothing but best faded.

3. The mistress gets the better of the other in both love and in the markets.

4. Only the wiser can prevail at love as well as in the markets, those who have realized the diminishing marginal utility of intellect.

5. Timing is everything in both love and markets. You got to say I love you at just the right time.

6. Love rises from trust & trust rises from respect. A trader who has tested his system to the point of trust often kisses the market better.

7. Stay out when in doubt, whether in love or in the markets.

8. Love is action, neither a feeling nor a reaction. A trade is an action, neither a feeling nor a reaction.

What more items would the specs add to this list?

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

Never tell anyone about your trades or your romantic life.





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