Some 50 years ago I received what I considered excellent advice from H. Everts, the vice chair of Cons Foods. I was trying to sell Tyco and they had a faster sleeker race slot car. Everts told me that he never liked to buy companies that had a tech advantage because it was only a matter of time until someone caught up with them. That advice was extremely wrong and harmful as Apple, Tesla and many others demonstrate.

Ken S writes:

Yep, many a dollar I missed securing by that thought, which I still hold true, but the riddle is when to use it.

I might just simply say go with the firstest with the mostest.

A themed etf is no replacement for better analysis. And I need remember that there are gains for win place and show. And disrupt will always be a viable verb, thanks be.

One only has to make a cursory review of the auto well over a hundred years ago til now. I remember you had mentioned the railroad evolution. 





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