N Day High or N Day Low are likely as good as only N Day Average.

Value of N is chosen by an observer of data.

Market has its own ever changing cycle. It is designed to maximise the number of hands that tremble leaving only very few hands having a firm grip on the cane.

What analytical thought processes may be free from an open-ended N and yet be testable?

Oscillators are a set of transforms that are bounded. They are not free radicals with an open and free N. That's one of the non N types even if the bounds of an N day Williams %R or an RSI is derived from some N but they may not run wild beyond a boundary.

Apart from oscillators what other thought processes may free a man in his observations from the imposition of his own imaginations that arose from "choosing N" ?

Are there any testable patterns that do not depend on a free N or a "bounding" N?

Hernan Avella writes: 

This is a good query. Consistent with the concerns you mentioned and others, I find some robustness in sticking with N=1.





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