The Invention of Enterprise by Landes, Moykyr and Baumol. An update on western culture and contributions to well being and growth and happiness from the fourth millennium BC to 2000.

Freedom and Evolution by Adrian Bejan. How design, rhythm and braking explain everyday things.

Models in Biology by D. Brown and P. Rothery. A complete rendition of models and computations and methods of testing of all dynamic systems with special reference to me on the mathematics of interaction.

An Introduction to Statistical Modeling by Krzanowski, an excellent introduction to practical applications of elementary models and a good review of statistics for the laymen

Fewer, Richer, Greener by Laurence Siegel. A graphical and anecdotal review of how well being and betterment and improvements and life expectancy have improved over the ages. A good supplement to the previous books and a guide for optimism and a caution to pessimism.

The Last Samurai by Helen Dewitt. A fantasy about raising a gifted child who loves Japanese looking for his father raised by a sexy musical and literary polymath

Books by Elmer Kelton, particularly recommended as perhaps the second best western ever The Time it Never Rained. A wonderful look at independence and adjusting to change throughout the ages. Tremendous insights on life and markets throughout. Also a great complement to Elmer Kelton is The Good Old Boys. A resonant story of life in the West in 1900 as the cowboys confront the automobile age and cling on to the old way.

Also recommended by Elmer Kelton, Joe Pepper a classic outlaw biography of a bad man who turns good and escapes the gallows at the last minute.

Sandhill Boys by Elmer Kelton, a beautiful biography of the author, voted the best western writer of all times, covering his time in World War 2, his marriage, his stints at the newspaper, his life as a sheep and goat reporter in the Wall Street Journal of the west.

Kim by Rudyard Kipling a tale of coming of age of a smart young Indian who is devoted to his Spiritual Master and turns out to be a successful spy while giving a great slice of life of India in 1890.

Many others to be continued.





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