1. My favorite articles on Daily Speculations are not about trading. They are the Chair's recollections of his father Artie.

2. New Jersey's only redeeming quality is the full service gas stations

3. Large families are more than worth the expense and attendant tribulations.

4. I miss the hackneyed, but fervent pitches, from the Long Island penny stock hustlers.

5. The shorter the time-frame (when trading), the more random the price action, the greater the capacity issues, and the greater the model risk.

6. Is there a way to keep the current generation from repeating "Sure" instead of "Yes, Please", and "No Problem" instead of "Your Welcome"?

7. "A happy wife IS a happy life". Place her on a pedestal and keep her there!

8. Sitting will kill you just as assuredly as cigarettes!

9. The attitudes of today's athletes have ruined my love of sports.

10. Try your best to avoid…getting stuck driving behind a Prius!





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