1. My favorite articles on Daily Speculations are not about trading. They are the Chair's recollections of his father Artie.

2. New Jersey's only redeeming quality is the full service gas stations

3. Large families are more than worth the expense and attendant tribulations.

4. I miss the hackneyed, but fervent pitches, from the Long Island penny stock hustlers.

5. The shorter the time-frame (when trading), the more random the price action, the greater the capacity issues, and the greater the model risk.

6. Is there a way to keep the current generation from repeating "Sure" instead of "Yes, Please", and "No Problem" instead of "Your Welcome"?

7. "A happy wife IS a happy life". Place her on a pedestal and keep her there!

8. Sitting will kill you just as assuredly as cigarettes!

9. The attitudes of today's athletes have ruined my love of sports.

10. Try your best to avoid…getting stuck driving behind a Prius!





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  1. John Lamberg on February 23, 2020 5:37 pm

    Although I’ve been out of contact for many years, I will use Gary Phillip’s Thought #7 (”A happy wife IS a happy life”. Place her on a pedestal and keep her there!) as a reminder that a) Some events are simply out of your control, and b) some events are indeed guaranteed to happen.

    One of my wife’s final wishes, and I believe a sincere one, as I was about to become a widower was, “Find someone to make you happy.”

    Now what are the odds that eight years latter while showing my fiancee some of my old posts on Daily Speculations that she would read my June 30, 2009 post? It was a reply to Marco Bolton’s Engagement Ring question.

    “John Lamberg looks back:
    A word of advice: When your wife to be picks out a wedding ring, no matter what price, run, do not walk, to the counter and purchase it. Do not repeat the mistake I made many years ago and say, “let’s think about it…”. Some mistakes are never forgotten.”

    The timing was extraordinary as she is shopping for wedding dresses and the wedding ring has not been selected yet.

    And yes,there is much truth in the saying, A happy wife Is a happy life.


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