In Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco alike, they come to you with the most determination. As you wave, they go around and still come to you from other angles. On you, even when you shake, they don't fly away simply. It's very different from elsewhere.

Not getting it this time? — No problem, I will do it again!

What if not again next time? — No problem, I will do it again!

What if not getting it all the times? — I will get it eventually!

What if getting killed? — I will die anyway!

So they have in instinct what we humans learn about success?

How did they get that?

Well, maybe because they take you as a cow or a sheep who pose no danger to them.

Or maybe because there have simply been far more cows and sheep than humans in the region.

Or maybe because the people here have not been active in battling them.

Or because the people here are not as determined.

Or simply because they are enlightened.

On another perspective, look at the statuses of the flies around the globe, maybe we can learn something more. In developed world, flies are very much suppressed. In other somewhat less developed areas, Asia or East Europe for instance, flies are very wary. Is that an indication factor of human success? Can't we say on an evolutionary basis that the determinicity of the people vs that of the flies in the region reflects the success of the people (or of the the flies).


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