"These Guys Just Drove an E63 AMG Across America in a Record 27 Hours 25 Minutes"

It's amazing the high tech that is used to smash the cross country speed record. This article provides a look at that most illegal race in the country and the massive preparation and planning it takes to break records.

Chris Cooper writes: 

I wonder…has anybody ever seen evidence that experts at video driving games are any better (or worse) drivers than their non-expert peers? For that matter, are race car drivers any safer on the roads than non-racers?





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  1. Jack Stevison on December 9, 2019 5:47 pm

    I see a trading metaphor in this story. How many attempts at the Cannonball Run resulted in death or injury or were merely too slow, and were not reported as an attempt over all those years between successful record breaking runs? Failed traders and Cannonball drivers die in obscurity.


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