Just returned from a 10 day trip to Japan and the major insight I have I got from the wonderful book The Princeton Guide to Evolution [free pdf found here]. The market has developed some exquisite adaptions in last 50 years and anyone who doesn't take account of its evolution is a doomer. 





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  1. none on November 7, 2019 11:01 am

    New Japan Bull market


    Japan Ending Its Long Term Depression

    The extreme high in NKI 225 on 01/1990 at 39260.00 levels to the low of 10/2008 at 6994.00 is a fall in price of 82.28%.

    This low should be observe as the INDU (USA) low of 07/1932 at 40.60.

    The 10-year period +/- from 07/1932 to 04/1942 then starting the INDU Bull Market is an analog towards the current NKI 225 index today.

    Suggesting an investment flow ‘inward’ towards the new Japan boom upcoming.

    Investment inflow will set in motion a major Bull Market in JYP to and well over the all time JYP high point set in 1995 and 2012.

    The pass 3 yearly low point in NKI 225 15,714.00+/- may be observe as a major long term test towards this new investment flow and new Bull Market in Japan.

    While observing the NKI 225 price test lower towards the above test level along with rising JYP upward pricing would be confirming the new Japan Bull Market.


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