Anomalies, from Jim Sogi

August 15, 2019 |

 I follow the weather and was reading about climate predictions. They look at anomalies and extreme conditions. We are having record heat temps around the globe this summer, in Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and the East Coast.

Anomalies in the stock market should be indicative as well. An anomaly might be any reading that is 3 or 4 or more sigmas away from normal. I think that is about the 95 percent level. Things like 100 point moves or as Rocky counts it, 3 percent moves, low vol lasting three time usual length, or volume spikes, or maybe order size spikes, or speed of change spikes, a 9% drop in 5 days, or things like that. I read you can get 300 depth levels now, but that's another topic.


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