Putative freedom marketed using socialist demands and blackmail: "Attention YouTube: The Clock is ticking!"

Peter Ringel writes: 

Oh god, that is painful!

You are describing it correctly.

I wonder how many in Germany will detect this sneak attack.

If he wouldn't be so imprisoned in his thought models of "job-security" and slave–employee vs greedy employer, he would realize that youtube content creators are little entrepreneurs and not worker-bees, that need rescue by a union.

I give them points for timing. The current wave of biased PC-censorship by youtube, twitter and Co gives them an opening.

Stalinism vs Trotskyism? (sorry getting hyperbolic)

The proposed solution: Lets throw another 1000 regulations on top of it to create "fairness".

The German mainstream media and public debate is full of nonsense of this nature.

I try to ignore it.

Otherwise I will get a heart attack. I simply feel too threatened by this nonsense.

Peter St. Andre writes: 

Hallo Peter,

Good idea to ignore the nonsense! I went on a low-information diet 5-6 years ago and I've been much happier ever since:

Peter Ringel replies:

Hi Peter, You are right of course. I read a little in your journal before, especially your etymological analysis of the "-Isms". Great insights! Getting emotional about Germany/Europe is a bit of a tradition, that is hart to shake:

"Denk' ich an Deutschland in der Nacht,

Dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht,…"

Heinrich Heine (English Translation)

(Heine escaped to France, I escape to America.)





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