OK, Disney pulled off another great movie. This time it was a non-Pixar that has libertarian tones, individualism, splashes of scientific method, Good = Positive thinking vs. Bad = Negative thinking, Galton type counting, and the wonderful lesson of trial and error involving frequent failing to get to the good/right. There are plugs for Einstein and Edison as well.

An orphan named Lewis is the epitome of rejection in that he has failed miserably in school with tons of inventions and gadgets that he creates. He also has been rejected 123 times by families that have interviewed to take him home as a son. Through all of this rejection, though, a little boy becomes 12 and realizes that life is about "choices." Choices are the freedom that unchains oneself from any environment that a person thinks is bad or unbearable.

A touch of existential "thrownness" is apparent. So is seeking out both the beginning of one's life and life's future, and pulling it into the here and now to be able to move forward. This is the bottom line lesson that even my son and daughter at age six and seven took away. Of course my son loved the dinosaur part as well and my daughter the dancing singing frogs.

I would recommend this movie to anyone that has kids. I don't think we have a Finding Nemo type blockbuster on our hands but it is a good quality movie with a fantastic spirited theme that doesn't often make it to the screen. It is one of those films that you can leave the theatre and immediately discuss the main points with the children as an icebreaker in parenting.





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