They can take turns looking through the large end of the financial telescope. In his comments yesterday Powell said that the Fed could "stabilize the dollar price of gold" but it might not want to do so. Shelton may disagree about what the Fed should do, but she shares the same delusion that the purpose of the gold standard is have a fixed dollar price for a piece of the metal.

They may have always been a native criminal class, but Congress really did no better. The Currency Acts stated the currency value of a full fine ounce of gold because even in 1791 a dollar's weight and measure would be so small a piece of metal that its coinage would be impractical. But the elected near criminals did not think they were "pricing" gold. They were defining what exactly the weight and measure of the nation's monetary unit of account would be, and they had every confidence that its "price" in wheat, horses and coal would be whatever the markets for those things would be. Bankers could no more set the price of gold than they could choose the length of a mile; bills of credit, bank notes, and U.S. notes were all to be priced by how far their nominal amounts had to be discounted against coin.

The "Gold Room" in the Civil War did not price gold. It stayed at par. The quotations were the prices for how many Greenbacks and other forms of paper were required to own an ounce of money.

As to why this mattered and MMT was not a sufficient answer…





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