Flew from San Francisco to Charlotte last week —at SFO there was a Yoga area, meditation room and a Penelope of signs offering wide variety of gluten free, organic, plant based, vegan dining choices.

In Charlotte I was greeted with signs for the NASCAR Bar, Ribs and Southern Fried Chicken, nobody there looked "cool", they did look much less self-absorbed.

Happy flying to all.

Admin writes:

Much less self absorbed to think of animals that are slaughtered for a throwaway meal and be vegan or plant based in order to reduce the amount of totally unnecessary violence to innocent beings–simply by choosing a great tasting plant based meal. Picture is the most non graphic slaughterhouse image I could find.





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  1. Waqar Ahmed on June 13, 2019 4:42 am

    Thank you, Admin. For once somebody here has considered other beings.

  2. Waqar Ahmed on June 14, 2019 11:55 am

    Who are you, Admin? Thank you.

  3. Andre Wallin on June 14, 2019 1:32 pm

    I believe processing makes food inherently bad. Whether it’s meat or otherwise the further away from the source you are the worse it is for you. Meat from a slaughter house is worse for you than meat from a freshly killed animal from a forest. Sugar from high fructose corn syrup vs sugar from a freshly picked fruit. Cereal bars vs a bag of nuts. It’s expensive to eat fresh while having the time to pursue other activities higher on the value chain (San Francisco). Of course you could eat fresh as a nomad, but you’d spend all your time on it.

  4. armidal7 on June 14, 2019 11:07 pm

    @Waqar Ahmed I am a daughter of Victor. Thank you. I am an ethical vegan for the animals. I try to humanize animals through photos on this site for people in hopes they will make the connection to the individuals they are paying to be slaughtered. I do not post barbeque recipes which used to be a mainstay of the site. I wish I could show people exactly what takes place at a slaughterhouse. No description or photo can convey it adequately.

  5. marion ds dreyfus on June 19, 2019 11:13 am

    Speaking of alternatives, found a rather tastyvegetarian surprise in a new food from Lightlife [”Since 1979″]. It’s round slices of pressed white bean and kale, presented like salami slices in a slim peel-and-reseal plastic pack. It tastes vaguely like liver, is quite delicious, is a wee 90 calories per serving–three slices, though I’m happy with one at a time, so only 30 calories, presumably.
    It’s a nice option instead of salami, and cheaper, too.


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