"The worst thing you could do is judge the world by what you believe. Everyone will act only on their own reasoning and belief system." -Martin Armstrong

Craig Feldspar writes: 

A belief system provides an operating metric, which, we all need, and which if adequate enough (it damn-well better be) can help you navigate. Absent knowledge of the specifics of a data point, a man is restricted to generalizations from the distribution of which the data point is drawn.

The problem with operating metrics is that they do not capture the complexity of reality. "In which direction does the Dardanelles flow?" The question itself, a reduction of reality to the point of uselessness.





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  1. marion ds dreyfus on June 17, 2019 2:10 pm

    On the other hand, by what other metric can one go about one’s day, other than by what one feels deeply?

    And opines those opinions, spin, take, arguments?


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