The paradox of "modern" land warfare is that it is now settling into a convention that is more than a century old. Artillery and aircraft are the only two means of killing and breaking things that do not require engagements by line of sight. The political tolerance for casualties is now so low that having men and women stand within rifle range of each other and exchange fire is no longer acceptable as a tactic, except, of course, in fictional dramas. Armies will continue to train for such fighting because it preserves the necessity of large headcounts (officers need subordinates); but the Second U.S.-Iraq War and the subsequent "surge" will be the last times infantry divisions take the field for the U.S. in foreign wars. There will still be the need for blowing things up and terrorizing the enemy, but that can now be done more safely and efficiently using bombs rather than bullets. Since the physics of taking bombs and carrying them into the air is so much more expensive than shooting them out of breach-loaded barrels, cannons are much, much cheaper as a solution. Thanks to GPS-guided shells, artillery is now flawlessly accurate. Give a battery a coordinate and within less than a minute it will be gone.





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