We have lots of trees here in the Virgin Islands and pursuant to our host's advice I have been studying them.

There are 2 types of trees here: those that survive hurricanes and those that don't. The more limber ones like the palm trees, Norfolk pines, coconut trees and bushy looking ones all came back. The big thick trunk trees had most the limbs snapped off. The shallower the roots the more apt they were to be uprooted and tumble over. Trees that had survived Hugo, a storm a little worse than Maira, did not make it this time. Because they were old? Or more exposed this time?

Trees of the same type grow to different heights. The more we fertilize our trees the healthier they are and the higher they grow…but none grow to the moon. We have 2 avocado trees close to each other…one bears fruit and one does not. Our well treated lime tree died while a Papaya Tree came from no where and gives us great breakfasts treats. Mangoes are too plentiful and many people—who love to eat them—can't touch them as the skin as a poison ivy like substance.

Locals are now making Vodka from the starch rich Bread fruit from the tree of the same name. Bread fruit is also a banned substance for athletes as it, like some yams, has natural steroids.

Before storms we cut back the tops of trees and loose branches etc…all that trimming back lasts about a month and then…Zingo! They grow right back


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