"Investors Have Nowhere to Hide as Stocks, Bonds and Commodities All Tumble"

Certainly not our Mr Brush…bonds, grains and meats have rallied.

Ralph Vince writes: 

Several months ago, the major news organizations, in a fit of grotesque hubris, announced their joint commitment to intensifying their efforts to malign the current administration.

We have watched this play out in the realm of financial news as well (which has been further diminished in recent years by the loss of some greats, e.g. Abelson, etc., to be replaced with vaccuous amateurs). Specifically, the notion of "The longest expansion in US history," (the definition of which has never been provided despite my prodding, directly and personally and off-the-record), the recent yield curve "inversion" fallacy, etc.

Has anyone seen a comparative study of the years 1929-1940 and 2005-2016?

This makes it all-the-more imperative now to do one's own homework, maintain one's own statistics, disregard the shrill sirens and observe, distinguish and conclude.

anonymous writes: 

It's been slight loss of wealth YTD across all assets with real estate markets softening up. It's been an up market for 9 years straight and that failed inverse head and voodoo failure in the SPX after China gap fade in a time where most asset managers are down only fueled the frustration aggression theory which I think makes this year end tough but ultimately will manifest into a great opportunity. My two cents with no quantification.





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  1. anonymous2 on January 3, 2019 3:44 pm

    The Bull Market has ended:

    The ‘Trump Low’ 11042016 is and was a key level of change to be observe.

    The VALUG has broken the Trump Low point of 11042016.

    The NYA is but 4.2% from the Trump Low point of 11042016.

    The GDOW is but 10.1% from the Trump Low point of 11042016.

    The SPX is but 12.6% from the Trump Low point of 11042016.

    The INDU is 21.4% from the Trump Low point of 11042018.

    The TRANS is but 8.5% from the Trump Low point of 11042018.

    The UTY is but 12.5% from the Trump Low point of the 11042018.

    The Year 2018 has had 3 historic break downs from major market manias.

    1) BCC Token (Bit Coin) Drops 87% 01182018.

    2) Companies Bought the TOP SEC Rule 10b-18 rule 11292018.

    3) Breaking the Trump Low is the greatest equity blow off in market history.


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