In the great tradition of all failed prognosticators, I hereby declare that it is not my model that was in error but reality. A week before the election Paul Ryan declared that President Trump was hurting the Republican's chances by talking about immigration. Gallup has just released a poll that strongly confirms the election results. The candidates who wrapped themselves in the America First flag outperformed the average for Presidential mid-term for the party in the White House; those who waffled lost the Independents and failed to win enough votes to survive the last minute ballot discoveries that are the Democrats' most enduring tradition.





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  1. Richard Berger on November 24, 2018 2:13 pm

    Also, the Republicans failed to answer the Democrats’ charge that they were hurting those with pre-existing conditions. IIRC, Obamacare had a provision for a pool for those with PECs and it was hardly used. If anything, the efforts to repeal Obamacare, which were thwarted by the late, unlamented John McCain, have helped. Obamacare increases have moderated, and the availability of temporary plans (along with the repeal of the mandate) has made plans more affordable.

    Whatever happened to the old Paul Ryan?


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