I haven't shaved for weeks. The result is my manly Viking beard. You see, most men have difficulty growing nice beards — they are spotty on the chin. Not mine. Mine is a mixture of red, blond, and light brown. And it was even better back in 1997-2000, when my beard was soaked with sun, salt from the wind, seawater, and rum.

Most people don't like beards in the business world, maybe because most people can't grow good ones, and their inferiority complex leads them to marginalize beard growers.

Roger Arnold advises:

W-2? A shave is due.
1099? You look just fine.





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  1. william held jr on January 4, 2011 3:01 pm

    ive been growing my viking beard for over a yr now had one before but my boss made me shave and i needed that job at the time im 24 yrs old and been able to grow a beard since i was 16 or 17. to the ppl who say we should cut are beards i say forget you if we want a beard we should be able to have one. hell my wife loves my beard.


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