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September 10, 2018 |

The “but for” moment was her breaking her racket. Whatever provoked that conduct, it was not a comment or penalty ruling from the Chair umpire. Without that intervening conduct, no game penalty, only the loss of a point. Those of you who know racquet sports are qualified to judge. To this at best semi-pro baseball catcher, it looked like a pitcher choosing to fight with the umpire so that he could be excused for having grooved one to the last batter.





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  1. marion dreyfus on September 15, 2018 12:01 pm

    Serena was playing badly, still perhaps recovering from months on leave after having her baby. To some extent, though, she was being a bully because her past ‘entitled’ her, and she doubted anyone would challenge her racquet racket. But she committed not one, but numerous infractions, including the suspect guidance from her coach in the stands–though she rejects that charge.

    The distinct lack of courtesy to the ref is a disappointing return to the mean, as it were, because becoming more uncouth is not where we want to go. Tennis has for the most part, for decades, been a gentlemanly sport, even with spoiled-brat stars.

    Serena betrays her name with this unseemly display. She betrays, too, her community of fans and the implicit and explicit rules of the court.

    A shame that acting out has become a spectator sport for us, which it should never be, and a rite de passage for disorderly privileged talents who fail to measure their longevity on the field beyond the afternoon bell or the evening’s news clip.

    mdsd 13 September 2018


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