Surfing the web today, I landed on Turtle Trader and noticed:

  1. The significant angst with which the author has latched onto the long-since-lost-its-value device of obtaining cheap popularity by attacking Dr. Niederhoffer's 1997 glitch.
  2. No mention of Steve Cohen. Noticeable because the author has compiled a pull-down menu of Top Traders, classifying them as Hall of Fame, Market Wizards, Turtle Traders & Trend Followers, and has SAC nowhere in that list. The author hasn't found a reason to classify this success anywhere?

Larry Williams replies:

Sushil has scratched a very dark surface here. Long story to this website; mostly negative, vile stuff about people that is not correct, and sets themselves out as the savior. Orignated by a guy who does not trade (so a real Turtle told me — who knows?) but the bitterness expressed towards others is the clue to the soul of these people.

I had a tiff with these guys a few years ago when they were putting me down. Where is their track record? Where is their heart? This is not how good thinking people treat others. There are many ways to make a good cup of market soup.. some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot, nine days old.

The site lists among its heroes a multi-year loser of clients' funds, and a mystic who (as I understand it) has not traded for years, just holds navel-gazing seminars sprinkled with platitudes. If I am wrong on this… I would sincerely like to know.





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