He told me some time ago, before I woke up and while I was dreaming that Sell in May and go away is known to everyone including every cabbie anywhere in the world, even the ones in Namibia and Ethiopia.

So I asked him, what are you trying to say just tell me clearly. Can't you have some compassion for a man deep in sleep in a comfort zone that one earns after a day's hard work.

He smiled. Said once those who have read the book that is an Almanac of the past year's behaviours and have sold it out, the market mistress will inflict regret and then anguish. There will be many who sold by the book and will be forced to buy it back. That's when you sell at the end of May or even if it becomes early June.

I almost had woken up by then. Asked him now what is this way to startle someone and pose a riddle first and then surmise a conspiratorial idea as if now the flexions have also taken the cabbies within their matrix. He said well everything is possible but the simple idea is some always say "this time its different" and the mistress must keep them in the business as well to keep the infrastructure complete as ever.

So I had two choices. To fix a cup of coffee and abandon sleep and get back to some mumbo jumbo. The other choice was to leave this note on this erudite list and ask as usual another question. Would you care to think of what just this cabbie uttered and then vanished away in ether? Oh I forgot to tell you, he also had said if you can figure out Sushil what is the density of High of the Year in any given week number or month its not a bad thing to burn the midnight oil on.





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