I missed out on a couple good trades this week during a power outage/internet outage.

Now I am thinking redundancy at an affordable level. The way I trade does not demand intense computer power and latency. Just general connectivity works fine. Losing power/internet is not devastating to me either. It's just painful when I miss opportunities that proved successful.

Curious if anyone has any input or recommendations. Thanks.

Current set up with zero redundancy:

Primary Computer (Laptop) - Connected to Broadband Internet Access and general commercial power

No Secondary Computer

Remote Access to Computer - TeamViewer

Potential future set up:

Primary Computer (Laptop) - Connected to Broadband and commercial power with Battery Backup/Surge Protector

Secondary Computer (Laptop) - Connected to Broadband with Battery Backup/Surge Protector
- 4G Connection

Remote Access to Computer(s) - TeamViewer


Larry Williams writes: 

Cloud computer you can access via phone works here in Hurricane land.





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  1. russell thomas on March 11, 2018 7:19 pm

    I am a telecom/ broadband engineer in uk. Im often suprised by companies that do not have redundancy. Primary is your provider of choice. Second is another provider that does not use the same infrastrucure especially from local exchange to your property. Wireless has come on along way these days as a simple secondary back up compared to fixed lines.

  2. Bill Posters on March 13, 2018 7:20 pm

    Get yourself a trustworthy human broker there are still a few about. All you then need is a phone. You then might be able to trade when nobody can get an internet quote.


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